SSOAA is a simple, but fully functional administration modul for Rails apps to be used with ActiveResource, offering multi-language support and role-based authentification + role-dependent menu-design (still without supporting tools or sufficient tests)

The project offers basic administration functionality for common (web) database applications to minimize the effort for creating new applications, so that the developers can focus on their core business value. It is a fully functional module handling rights and roles and the role-dependent menus as well as user-management and login-authentication. In addition, functionality for multi-language support and handling of system lists is offered.

The Module is based on Ruby on Rails and to be used as Service via ActiveResource.

(Rails Release 3.1.3)

If you want to get the latest version of SSOAA, please sent an email to
            source add ssoaa dot bussole dot de


Login/Failed Login

Basic Application

Different Profiles


Data Selection

Mailing Lists

File Objects